Marisa Soleto, director of Fundación Mujeres, reflects on the importance of the project WE GO! and the need for a greater political commitment in order to repair the damage done to survivors of gender violence.



WE GO!, which began in 2016, has been made possible thanks to the financial support of the European Commission and their program Daphne. Carried out in collaboration with 15 non-profit organizations, WE GO! reaches across 7 countries of the European Union: Italy, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Sweden, Bulgaria, and the United Kingdom. Throughout the video "WEGO! Building economic independence: the way out of intimate partner violence", Marisa Soleto explains the role of economic empowerment in terms of a survivor ́s recovery process, which includes job placement and social integration. Soleto describes the importance of this program and the organizations ́ involvement, emphasizing the need to strengthen public policy and funding, which help achieve the goals of the project.

The video addresses the importance of conforming to the specific situation of each survivor of gender violence during the recovery process. This includes considering the specifics of each survivor ́s situation, like the varying lengths of time that it could take each woman to reach economic stability and independence. The WE GO! project seeks to identify good practices in the participating organizations in regard to economic empowerment for female gender violence survivors. Additionally, the program creates the space and opportunity for preparatory training programs carried out by the participating organizations.