Since May, Fundació Surt has been running awareness-raising sessions for companies about the importance of economic empowerment for survivors of intimate partner violence, seeking to involve employees, employers, and the companies’ management team as a path to eradicate gender-based violence.  

The consequences of the pandemic and, subsequently, the compulsory lockdown had a high impact on the labour market and in the numbers of cases of intimate partner violence. The isolation to which many women have been compelled exacerbated cases of gender-based violence (GBV), leading to the need to strengthen support and shelter services.  When addressing the labour market, the decrease in employment opportunities has also had a special impact on women survivors of gender-based violence and, in particular, on those with lower professional profiles who are in a particularly vulnerable situation.

Given the importance of companies in women's economic independence and empowerment, Fundació Surt has continued to strengthen its collaboration with enterprises by offering awareness-raising sessions on the issues of intimate partner violence and its consequences in all spheres of women’s lives. 

These sessions were streamed online - adapted to the needs of workers and companies - and have addressed issues as relevant as:

  • the definition of GBV, other types of violence and its impact and consequences 
  • how to address empowerment and job insertion from an intersectional perspective and focusing also in sexual and gender diversity 
  • the many support services that are available in the city of Barcelona.   


In September, Fundació Surt plans to continue offering these sessions to reach workers in twenty companies. With this action, the organization aims not only to raise awareness about the consequences of violence, but also to encourage the development of new strategies and mechanisms for detection, prevention, and action against gender-based violence in the workplace environment.   

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