ActionAid International Italia Onlus (in the following, also: “AA” or “ActionAid”) is the legitimate owner of the website which is managed and kept up-to-date directly.

The website has the purpose to inform about projects, activities and services organized by AA, a non-profit organization. You can find information about our specific project known as “WE GO!”. 
To be precise, the website provides you with information about the “WE GO! project deals with the widespread problem of intimate partner violence. The project aims to improve programmes addressed to women who experience the intimate partner violence in Europe, with a special focus on activities carried out by anti-violence centres and promoting women’s economic empowerment. Thanks to our project, the anti-violence centres will be able to better address women’s economic needs, offering them the chance of exiting violent relationships.

The lay-out, the documents, le images, the characters, the artistic work, the graphics, software and other materials of the website, and all the codes and form on-line are ActionAid’s ownership or of its legitimate usage. 
The material contained in the website is protected by copyright. As far as of interest, the material is any document and description, photographic and video graphic, script, software, banner, character, font and colours of the said materials. You can also find materials and contents which are our partners’ ownership or of their legitimate usage. The rules here set out apply also for the materials of these said third parties.

The use of the website is personal and not commercial, except for cases previously authorised in writing by AA. The request has to be drawn up indicating the purpose of use, the period of use, the channel through which the material would be disclosed (web, publishing materials). The use must be connected with only one initiative and for the correspondent period of time. The authorisation won’t be given for commercial use and won’t give any right on the materials. In any case, the user cannot permit third parties to use the materials.

If the usage is not compliant with the authorisation given, ActionAid (or, if the case, its partners) will protect its rights even through legal action. Any civil and penal liability is related to the subject using the material, with no responsibilities in charge of AA (or, if the case, of its partners). 
When using the material, it is forbidden to create misunderstanding with other entities, organisations, companies or others; nothing breaching the law and the rights of individuals has to be produced through the materials. It is forbidden to copy, modify, download or upload, communicate or disclose to third parties the materials (apart from the cases previously authorised) or for purposes which create prejudice to ActionAid and / or to its partners.

The user can download the materials for personal purposes and disclose them in the web or publishing materials only if the source of information is indicated.
The website can have links to other websites: ActionAid is not liable for the availability, the content, the products and services offered, or for the losses and damages caused as a consequence of their use. It not responsible for the privacy policy applied by the said third parties.

AA is not responsible for damages, losses of data and information or other damages occurred for delay, incorrect or lack of information, restrictions or losses of accesses, difficulties or problems of various kinds, mistakes, unauthorised use during the access of the website and of its services. AA is not responsible and doesn’t guarantee that: (a) the services are satisfactory for the user; (b) the services are without interruptions, secure and without errors; (c) the information and results obtained are sure and reliable; (d) any technical fault of the software can be corrected.

The user is conscious that AA (and its partners) is not responsible of the untrue information sent by the user or by third parties, even with fraud.
The user is responsible for the retention and confidentiality of his / her data given during the usage of the website.

The website gives the possibility to access social networks created by ActionAid (or / and by its partners). The user is the only person responsible for the contents and materials disclosed through the social networks and for his / her behaviour. No responsibility will be charged to ActionAid and its partners.
If the user uploads materials, accepting these terms and conditions of use, declares and guarantees that the collection and use of the materials are lawful and authorises the publishing on the website.
In case of taking part in social networks of AA and of its partners, please follow the instructions here below:

  1. When you give your personal data, you lose their control. Personal data can be collected and registered by all the contacts and by the persons of the social network, even transformed and disclosed in the following years.
  2. Sometimes, accepting to subscribe a social network, you permit to the company managing the social network to use without restriction of time and way the materials uploaded (photos, videos, chat, descriptions, opinions).
  3. Most of social networks have their registered office abroad and so their servers. In case of privacy breaches, it is not always guaranteed to have one’s rights protected by European laws.
  4. If you decide to cancel from a social network, it is permitted to disable and not to cancel your profile. Data, materials could so be kept in servers. Read with attention the rules governing the use of the service and the privacy policy.
  5. Report to the Authorities any rights’ breaches.
  6. Require always the consent of a third person before uploading material concerning him / her.
  7. Be aware of untrue profile.
  8. Be aware of the information disclosed: date and place of birth are sufficient to have other information of the person, such as financial information, user id and password.
  9. Use log-in and password different from any other used for other services and change frequently your password.

ActionAid undertakes to control the correct and lawful use of the services in order to avoid the upload and disclosure of materials which are unlawful: AA could eliminate contents and materials if there is the possibility that incorrect and unlawful behaviour is followed. If advisable, AA could report the actions to the appropriate Authorities.
In particular, AA will report to the Authorities behaviours which can be suspected as breaches of law and regulation.
ActionAid intends to exercise the right to:

  1. Modify these terms and conditions: the users will be informed by an indication on the website. The use of the services after the modifications implies the unconditioned acceptance of the new ones. The user can take notice of the new terms and conditions through the link “Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website
  2. Control the contents and materials sent to this website
  3. Suspend the availability of and access to the website any time and without previous information.

By using this website, the user and ActionAid International Italia Onlus agree that the laws and the regulations in force in Italy are applicable to any matter concerning the use of the website.
The user and ActionAid International Italia Onlus agree that the Milan Court is the only one competent for the matters here described.
Using this website and the services here offered the user accepts the terms and conditions here stated.