One of the main outputs of WE GO! is the training toolkit for anti-violence centres operators. The toolkit is the result of exchange among practitioners of partner organizations and external experts. It was tested by AVCs involved in the project during the implementation of empowerment training  for women survivors of IPV (training of women - TOW)

The toolkit provides AVCs operators both with theoretical and methodological guidance and practical tools to improve their skills It is divided in 2 main parts:

  • Part A aims at strengthening operators capacity and skills through a theoretical framework covering key concept and methodological approaches. This part includes exercises to foster operators’ reflection on their own approach and skills and tips to improve them.
  • Part B includes practical tools that operators can use to develop survivors’ personal and economic empowerment. The tools cover different area of intervention such as developing personal competences and supporting networks, job techniques, self-employment/entrepreneurship and ICT skills. Tools can be selected and adapted to the specific needs of each woman involved in the empowerment path and include both group and individual activities.

This toolkit is based on three methodological approaches:

  • Liberal adult education, a methodological approach to adult learning based on principle of the life-long right of all the people to freely seek knowledge on a voluntary basis.
  • Reflect-action, a methodology which uses participatory tools to create an open, democratic environment in which everyone is able to contribute.
  • Feminist empowerment approach, a process through which women become aware of their right to have rights; recognize and value their interests and their own authority; reinforce their capacities and initiate process of change towards the acquisition of power at the individual level as well as collective level.

PART A - Capacity building of operators

PART B - Training of women