During the implementation phases of the WE GO! Project, the Partners organize and participate in specific activities aimed at strengthening support services for women victims by focusing on the training and advisory services that shelters and women's centers offer to victims. Each activity is connected to one of the five Project Workstreams, a set of streams leading to specific outputs to be produced and available in this section for consultation.

Workstream 1: Comparative Research Analysis

Comparative Research Analysis - Intermediate Report
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Data collection methodology and tools
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Comparative Research Analysis - Final Report
pdf 1.98 MB
Comparative Research Analysis - Conclusions and policy recommendations
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English Report Fundacion Mujeres
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Español Report Fundacion Mujeres
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Workstream 3: Implementation of Economic Empowerment Service for Women Victims of Violence

Final Training Toolkit
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Final Training Toolkit ITA
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Training Toolkit Executive Summary
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Workstream 4: Communication and Dissemination Activities

WEGO! Final Narrative Report
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Final Narrative Report – Executive Summary
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Final Narrative Report – Executive Summary ITA
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Policy recommendations BG
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Infographic ENG
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Infographic BG
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Infographic EL
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Infographic ITA
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WEGO! Presentation
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Project Leaflet in Bulgarian
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Project leaflet in English
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Project Leaflet in Greek
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Project Leaflet in Italian
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Project Leaflet in Spanish
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Project Leaflet in Swedish
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