We Go II - Building Economic Independence: the way out of Intimate Partner Violence, started in december 2018 and will be carrying out its activities until november 2020.

The new edition of the project focuses on 4 countries and it’s implemented by 6 partners:




We Go II aims to support the economic empowerment of women who survived intimate partner violence by strengthening the local and national support systems, exchanging European good practices and establishing cooperation networks between private and public stakeholders.

The project lies on three pillars: capacity building among Antiviolence Centres - (AVCs), NGOs and other actors working directly with women; network building in order to create sustainable multi-agency networks capable of properly responding to and supporting women survivors of violence in the development of their social and economical relationships; awareness raising and advocacy directed to enterprises, private and public stakeholders to promote Evidence-Based Practices (EBP) on economic empowerment into the institutional framework.

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The project will activate/realize:

  • Trainings directed to professionals/volunteers of specialised services supporting economic empowerment of women survivors of violence;
  • Horizontal and vertical meetings with a wide range of stakeholders;
  • Individualized social relationship plans for women survivors of violence
  • Development plans for AVCs 
  • Peer to peer exchanges between the 4 countries
  • Local Protocols to facilitate the social and labour inclusion of women
  • Regular monitoring of women’ working needs and of job opportunities 
  • Training sessions dedicated to enterprises and companies
  • Individualized career programmes and job matching for the beneficiaries
  • Local campaigns and event

… and much more!


Expected results 

Expected results